Seminars 李政道研究所-粒子核物理研究所联合演讲

Unveiling the Mystery of High-energy Cosmic Neutrino Sources

by Dr Qinrui Liu (刘沁枘) (Queen’s University )

Meeting Room N602,Tsung-Dao Lee Institute

Meeting Room N602,Tsung-Dao Lee Institute



Neutrinos of cosmic origin are excellent messengers to investigate the Universe. The IceCube experiment discovered TeV-PeV neutrinos of astrophysical origin which opened a new window to the Universe, allowing us to explore astrophysics and fundamental physics. One mission following the discovery is to identify where those neutrinos come from and the mechanisms of their production, which is an important piece in solving the mystery of cosmic-ray accelerators. In this talk, I will review high-energy astrophysical neutrino observation, highlight recent results, and present the prospects of neutrino source studies in current and future neutrino telescopes.


Dr. Qinrui Liu is currently a postdoctoral fellow at Queen’s University and associate postdoctoral researcher at Perimeter Institute in Canada. She obtained her bachelor’s degree in 2016 at Wuhan University and Ph.D. degree in 2021 at University of Wisconsin-Madison with prof. Francis Halzen. She is a member of the IceCube Collaboration and her work focuses on high-energy neutrinos from the cosmos. She is interested in neutrino sources searches, indirect dark matter searches and exploring particle phenomenology with astrophysical neutrinos based on current experimental data, and studying detection prospects in current and future neutrino experiments.

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