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High precision study of antineutron and hyperons interact with nuclei at a future super J/ψ factory

by Prof. Weimin Song (Jilin University)





Physicists investigate the subatomic world by bombarding their subject of study with a hail of tiny subatomic “bullets”. From the way these “bullets” bounce off their target one can infer a wealth of detailed information about the target’s structure. Different kinds of subatomic “bullets” probe different aspects of the target, certain important aspects of the force holding atomic nuclei together can only be investigated by shooting particles called antineutrons and hyperons, which are believed to be very difficult to produce and control. However these usually rare particles can be produced in copious amounts and easily launched as a spinoff of a “super J/ψ factory”. This opens fresh research opportunities in particle and nuclear physics, as well as in astrophysics and medical physics, requiring no additional infrastructure.


Weimin Song got the PhD in 2015 from Institute of High Energy Physics, CAS; then moved to Linear Accelerator Laboratory (LAL) in France and Rutherford Appleton Laboratory (RAL) in UK as postdoc. In 2019, Weimin Song got the professor position in Jilin University, and now is the director of the Theoretical Physics Center in Jilin University. Weimin Song is working on BESIII and Belle II experiment, and also a member of RD50 Collaboration at CERN.

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