Dec 11 – 15, 2023
Tsung-Dao Lee Institute
Asia/Shanghai timezone

10. High-E Missions...

Near-Term High-Energy Astrophysics Missions/Projects

This mini-symposium will include invited/solicited talks and discussions on the near-term (5-10 years) high-energy and gravitational-wave astrophysics missions/projects in China and beyond.  Contributions on future mission concepts are also welcome. Both ground-based and space-based projects will be covered.  

Conveners:  Shuang-Nan Zhang,  Dong Lai

Oral Program:

Session 1: Dec.12 Tuesday afternoon (100 minutes)

(25+5) Shuang-Nan Zhang: Two flagship high energy astrophysics missions: HERD onboard the China space station and eXTP observatory

(20+5) Weimin Yuan: The Einstein Probe mission

(20+5) Wei Cui: Hot Universe Baryon Surveyor

(13+2) Hua Feng: MASS: MeV emission line astrophysics with fine resolution CZT detectors

Session 2: Dec.14 Thursday afternoon (100 minutes)

(20+5) Donglian Xu: A multi-cubic-kilometer neutrino telescope in the Western Pacific Ocean

(17+3) Hancheng Li: POLAR2 and Polarimetry of GRB prompt emission with POLAR and POLAR-2

(17+3) Liping Xin (Wei Jianyan): The Chinese-French SVOM mission

(17+3) Li Ji: UV Explorers for Cosmic Ecosystems in China

(17+3) Haixing Miao: kHz Gravitational-wave detector/observatory