Seminars 李政道研究所-粒子核物理研究所联合演讲

Scattering amplitudes at the intersection of QFT, strings and mathematics

by Prof. Song He (Institute of Theoretical Physics (CAS))





Recently, powerful computational tools and remarkable new structures for perturbative scattering amplitudes in QFT have been discovered. Apart from playing a central role in high-energy particle physics, these developments have important implications for formal QFT, string theory and mathematics. I will review some recent progress, focusing on a new formulation of scattering of gluons, gravitons and their connections, as well as new geometries underlying QFT and strings which may hint at a ``theory at infinity” for their S-matrices.



Song He is a professor at Institute of Theoretical Physics (CAS), who has been working on QFT, string theory and mathematical physics. In recent years his works mainly focus on scattering amplitudes, gauge/gravity dualities and related areas. He has published over 80 papers with about 5000 citations.

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