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What’s the correct scale-setting approach?

by Prof. Xinggang Wu(吴兴刚) (Chongqing University)

5#/6th-603 - Meeting Room 603 (Science Building)

5#/6th-603 - Meeting Room 603

Science Building



This year is the 40th anniversary of the well-known BLM method, which so far has been cited over 1200 times. In this talk, I will explain our understandings of what’s the correct scale-setting approach to solve the conventional renormalization scheme-and-scale ambiguities. Then I will show our recent progresses on the Principle of Maximum (PMC). The PMC provides the underlying principle for the BLM method, inherits all the good features of BLM, and extends its procedure unambiguously to all orders. Since the PMC conformal series is scheme and scale independent, it provides a reliable basis for obtaining constraints on predictions for the uncalculated higher-order contributions and extends the predictive power of pQCD.



Dr. Wu is engaged in theoretical research of particle physics, mainly focusing on high-order pQCD calculations, heavy flavor physics, renormalization theory, and QCD sum rules. He has published over 190 scientific works, which have been cited by the LHCb groups, etc. A number of invited reviews have been published in the well-known review journals such as Prog.Part.Nucl.Phys. etc.

Host: Prof. Yifeng Sun

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