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Dispersive determination of neutrino mass ordering

by Prof. Hsiang-nan Li(李湘楠) (Institute of Physics, Academia Sinica)

5#/6th-603 - Meeting Room 603 (Science Building)

5#/6th-603 - Meeting Room 603

Science Building



We analyze the dispersive relation obeyed by the mixing of the $\mu^- e^+$ and $\mu^+ e^-$ states through box diagrams with intermediate neutrino channels. It is shown that the neutrino masses in the normal hierarchy (NH), instead of in the inverted hierarchy or quasi-degenerate spectrum, match the observed Pontecorvo–Maki–Nakagawa–Sakata matrix elements. The lepton mixing angles larger than the quark ones are explained by means of the inequality $m_2^2/m_3^2\gg m_s^2/m_b^2$, $m_{2,3}$($m_{s,b}$) being the neutrino (quark) masses. The solution for the $\tau^-e^+$-$\tau^+e^-$ mixing specifies the maximal mixing angle $\theta_{23}\approx 45^\circ$. Our work suggests that the fermion masses and mixing parameters are constrained dynamically, and the neutrino mass orderings can be discriminated by the internal consistency of the Standard Model. At last, we explain why neutrinos are so light in the same framework.





台湾“中央研究院“物理所 博士后研究员 08/1992-07/1993

中正大学物理系 副教授 08/1993-07/1996

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李湘楠教授从事微扰量子色动力学和重味夸克物理领域的研究工作,在B介子的非轻子衰变方面,对因子化方法的发展做出了重要贡献。其中单篇论文引用超过500 次的有3篇,成为微扰QCD因子化方法研究B介子非轻子衰变的经典论文;引用超过100次有20篇。李教授的学术兼职及荣誉包括:2006-2007年任台湾理论科学中心物理组主任,2009-2011年任“中央研究院”物理所副所长,2007年获全球华人物理学会亚洲成就奖。

Host: Prof. Yifeng Sun

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