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Bootstrapping Smooth Line Operators in Chern-Simons-Matter CFTs

by Dr De-liang Zhong (Imperial College London)

Tsung-Dao Lee Institute/N6F-N600 - Lecture Room (Tsung-Dao Lee Institute)

Tsung-Dao Lee Institute/N6F-N600 - Lecture Room

Tsung-Dao Lee Institute



We introduce a bootstrap approach for analyzing conformal line defects in large N Chern-Simons matter theories within conformal field theory frameworks. We base our method on three assumptions: conformal invariance, large N factorization, and the operator spectrum on the line. Our analysis involves solving the one-dimensional CFT on the line defect and evaluating its expectation value via an expansion around a straight line. While straight-line symmetry is insufficient for a complete solution, imposing symmetry constraints along a curved line yields a unique and solvable functional bootstrap constraint.

Host: Prof. Shu Li

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