Seminars 李政道研究所-粒子核物理研究所联合演讲

QCD matter and phase transitions in the early universe and inside compact stars

by Prof. Mei Huang(黄梅) (University of Chinese Academy of Sciences)





I will give a brief introduction on QCD phase transitions at high temperature and baryon density as well as under other extreme conditions, then discuss the imprints of QCD phase transitions in the early universe and the possible structure of QCD matter inside compact stars.



2000, PhD from Institute of High Energy Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences (IHEP, CAS),

200-2002, Postdoc in Physics Department, Tsinghua University;

2002-2004, Humboldt fellow in Frankfurt University, Germany;

2004-2006, JSPS fellow in Tokyo University, Japan;

2006, Associate researcher at IHEP, CAS;

2009, CAS 100 Talents Program, researcher at IHEP, CAS;

2017, The National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars,

2018, professor in University of Chinese Academy of Sciences (UCAS).

Online meeting room: 798911812, 密码: 123456)