Dec 11 – 15, 2023
Tsung-Dao Lee Institute
Asia/Shanghai timezone

Modeling the inner part of the jet in M87: confronting jet morphology with theory

Dec 13, 2023, 3:02 PM
Hall # 10

Hall # 10

Contributed talk in mini symposium Accretion Processes


Hai Yang (SHAO)


The formation of jets in black hole accretion systems is a long-standing problem. It has been proposed that a jet can be formed by extracting the rotation energy of the black hole (“BZ-jet”) or the accretion flow (“disk-jet”). While both models can produce collimated relativistic outflows, neither has successfully explained the observed jet morphology. By employing general relativistic magnetohydrodynamic simulations, and considering nonthermal electrons accelerated by magnetic reconnection that is likely driven by magnetic eruption in the underlying accretion flow, we obtain images by radiative transfer calculations and compared them to millimeter observations of the jet in M87. We find that the BZ-jet originating from a magnetically arrested disk around a high-spin black hole can well reproduce the jet morphology, including its width and limb-brightening feature.

Primary authors

Feng Yuan (Shanghai Astronomical Observatory) Hai Yang (SHAO) Hui Li (Los Alamos National Laboratory) Dr Jieshaung Wang Prof. Lu Rusen (SHAO) Prof. Luis Ho (Peking university) Mr XI Lin Prof. Yosuke Mizuno (TDLI / Shanghai Jiao Tong University)

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