Dec 11 – 15, 2023
Tsung-Dao Lee Institute
Asia/Shanghai timezone

3. Accretion processes

Title: Accretion processes around compact objects: from stellar-mass black holes and neutron stars to supermassive black holes



The accretion process onto a compact object exhibits a variety of high-energy astrophysics phenomena. The purpose of this mini-symposium will be to explore and compare the current observations and recent theoretical progress in order to understand the fundamental physics of accretion flows, outflows, and jets

Particular emphasis will be placed on these systems' remarkable time-domain and multi-wavelength properties and on the consequences of accretion, such as flares, winds, and jets by recent observations including GRAVITY, EHT, Insight-HXMT, etc. The experts on all aspects of this field will share insights on the several open questions in our understanding of accretion physics as a whole by combining new results from observations and theoretical developments.



The mini-symposium will cover these topics with two special focus sessions:

  • The physics of accretion flows and jets from supermassive black holes in Sgr A* and M87 (focused on recent results from GRAVITY and EHT)
  •  The physics of accretion flows and jets from accreting neutron stars and black holes (focused on recent results of Insight-HXMT)
  • Relativistic wind and outflows from neutron stars, magnetars, microquasars, active galactic nuclei, and gamma-ray bursts
  • The launching of jets in accreting sources, and disk-jet coupling
  • Disk outburst and related state transition

Invited speakers:

  • Jian-Min Wang (IHEP, CAS)
  • Yue Shen (U. of Illinois)
  • Feng Yuan (SHAO)
  • Shuang-Nan Zhang (IHEP, CAS)
  • Ken Ohsuga (U. of Tsukuba)
  • Xinwu Cao (Zhejiang U.)
  • Alexander Mushtukov (U. of Oxford)
  • Zhiyuan Li (Nanjing U.)
  • Hua Feng (Tsinghua U.)
  • Roman Gold (Southern Denmark U.)
  • Rusen Lu (SHAO)


Mini-symposium Conveners:

Yosuke Mizuno (TDLI, SJTU), Feng Yuan (SHAO), Shuangnan Zhang (IHEP,CAS), Dong Lai (Cornell/TDLI)


Tentative Program (modified at Nov. 16th, 2023):

Note: 25' = 20'+5', 20' = 17'+3', 12' =10'+2'

Session 1: Dec. 11 Monday afternoon (Room: Hall 10)

25' Shuang-Nan Zhang (IHEP): Highlights of Insight-HXMT on Accreting BH and NS X-ray Binaries

12' Mutsumi Sugizaki (NAOC): Fast X-ray variability of a new high-mass X-ray binary MAXI J0709-159 / LY CMa observed by MAXI and NICER

12' Shu Zhang (IHEP): outburst of SLX 1746–331 observed by Insight-HXMT and NICER

20' Xinwu Cao (Zhejiang Univ.): Magnetic fields and outflows in X-ray binaries and changing look AGNs

12" Long Ji (SYSU): Accretion regimes in accreting X-ray pulsars

12' Jun Yang (CfA, Harvard): High Resolution Spectra of the Galactic Binary Pulsar 4U 1907+09


Session 2: Dec. 12 Tuesday afternoon (Room: Hall 10)

25' Alexander Mushtukov (Univ. of Oxford): Geometry of accretion flow in ULX pulsars

12' Cosimo Bambi (Fudan Univ.): Towards a new generation of reflection models for precision measurements of accreting black holes

20' Hua Feng (Tsinghua Univ.):  Supercritical accretion onto compact objects and massive disk winds

12' Qingwen Wu (HUST): Observational properties and physical mechanism for Changing-look AGNs

30' Poster flash talk (1' for each presenter)


Session 3: Dec. 13 Wednesday afternoon (Room: Hall 10)

25' Rusen Lu (SHAO): The EHT tale of two black hole images: recent results and future prospects

25' Feng Yuan (SHAO): Flares and ejections from black hole accretion flows

12' Hongxuan Jiang (TDLI, SJTU): Magnetic Flux Rope and the Flares in Sgr A from 3D Two-Temperature GRMHD Simulations

20' Zhiyuan Li (Nanjing Univ.): Interplay between the Nearby Massive Black Holes and Their Close Environment

12" Hai Yang (TDLI, SJTU): Modeling the inner part of the jet in M87: confronting jet morphology with theory


Session 4: Dec. 14 Thursday afternoon (Room: Hall 10)

25' Ken Ohsuga (Univ. of Tsukuba): Numerical simulations of super-Eddington accretion flows

12' Tom Man Kwan (Univ. of Hong Kong): Simulating Super-Eddington Accretion and Outflow Around Stellar-Mass Black Holes

12' Jiahui Huang (Tsinghua Univ.): Accretion onto black holes with saturated magnetic pressure: from numerical simulations to an analytical model

25' Roman Gold (Univ. of Southern Denmark): Accreting Supermassive Black Hole Binaries in the Gravitational Wave driven regime

12" Zijian Zhang (Univ. of Hong Kong): X-ray Reflection from Supper-Eddington Accretion Flows


Session 5: Dec. 15 Friday morning (Room: Hall 10)

25' Yue Shen (Univ. of Illinois): Variability of Active Galactic Nuclei

12' Defu Bu (SHAO): Wind from black hole accretion disk in AGNs

12' Naoki Isobe (JAXA): Investigation into the excess infrared emission detected from the west hot spot of the radio galaxy Pictor A: a possible evidence of the turbulence acceleration

12' Zhen-Yi Cai (USTC): A surprising excess of radio emission in extremely stable quasars: a unique clue to jet launching?

12' Chandra Bahadur Singh (Yunnan Univ.): Standing shocks in accretion flows around black holes and associated observational signatures

12' Hongzhe Zhou (TDLI, SJTU): Helical and nonhelical large-scale dynamos in thin accretion discs

12' Indu Dihinghia (TDLI/SJTU): High-soft to low-hard state transition in black hole X-ray binaries


Poster presentations (A0 size: 841*1189mm):

  • Subhankar Patra (IIT, Guwahati): Thermal bremsstrahlung emission from accretion disc in non-Kerr spacetime
  • Masoumeh Ghasemi Nodehi (Xingjiang Astro Obs.): Testing The Kerr Paradigm Through Synchrotron Radiation
  • Sehrish Ifikhar (Lahore College for Women Univ.): Shadow Cast by a Rotating Black Hole
  • Honghui Liu (Fudan Univ): The Hard-to-soft transition of GX 339-4 as seen by Insight–HXMT
  • Kaushik Chatterjee (SWIFAR, Yunnan Univ.): X-ray Properties of the BHC MAXI J0637-430 during its 2019-20 Outburst
  • Qingcang Shui (IHEP): A Phase-Resolved View to the Low-frequency Quasi-periodic Oscillations from the Black Hole Binary MAXI J1820+070
  • Dizhan Du (Zhejiang Univ.): Wideband study of black hole X-ray binaries observing by XTE: time delay between Compton and optical and Infrared flare
  • Yuxin Liu (ICTP AP, UCAS): Utilize EHT to search for axions
  • Haichao Xu (Zhejiang Univ.): A Study of the Continuum Emission Spectrum from the Central Engine in Narrow-line Seyfert Galaxies
  • Jiashi Chen (Wuhan Univ.): spin of 4u 154347
  • Chun Chen (SYSU): Spectra and light curves of the radiative reprocessing in a stable envelope
  • Raj Kishor Joshi (ARIES): Numerical Simulations of Relativistic Radiatively driven Jets
  • Feng Yuan (USTC): Moving Corona and the Line Profile of the Relativistic Broad Iron Emission Line
  • Ken Chen (Nanjing Univ.): The Role of Outflow Feedback on Accretion of Compact Objects in Accretion Disk of Active Galactic Nuclei
  • Mingyuan Zhang (TDLI/SJTU): Impacts of non-thermal emission on the images of black hole shadow and extended jets in two-temperature GRMHD simulations
  • Ghulam Abbas (NAOC): Physical Analysis of Rastall PFRF Black Hole Through Accretion Process
  • Jingqiang Peng (IHEP): A possible overall scenario for the outburst evolution of MAXI J1820+070 revealed by Insight-HXMT
  • Jia Ren (Nanjing Univ.): Interacting Kilonovae: Long-lasting Electromagnetic Counterparts to Binary Mergers in the Accretion Disks of Active Galactic Nuclei
  • Hongxuan Jiang (TDLI/SJTU): Black Hole shadow from Loop Quantum Black Hole