Dec 11 – 15, 2023
Tsung-Dao Lee Institute
Asia/Shanghai timezone

7. Cosmology with large-scale structure

Rationale of the Mini-Symposium:

We are in an exciting era of precision cosmology with a new wave of large-scale structure (LSS) surveys from both ground-based and space telescopes. With the torrential influx of observational data expected in the near future, we anticipate a significant LEAP in our understanding of the cosmos, with sub-percent constraint on the key cosmological parameters (e.g., the expansion and growth of the Universe, nature of dark energy, and the physics of light relics) and potentially decisive evidence of new physics at the largest scales or in the early epochs (e.g., modified gravity, early galaxy formation, and inflation). In order to maximize the scientific outcome from these LSS surveys, this mini-symposium on LSS will bring together active experts from the globe, reviewing the challenges and opportunities in the survey design, data analysis, theoretical modelling, and simulation techniques. We expect the interactions between different survey collaborations in this mini-symposium will build better synergies and shape new perspectives, thereby accelerating the LSS community into a hyper-precision cosmology in the 2030s.


1. Latest results/developments from ongoing and upcoming LSS surveys

4. Emulating the Universe: challenges in the galaxy-halo connection and numerical simulations 

2. Advanced statistical/machine learning methods for extracting cosmological information

3. Prospects for detecting new physics with future surveys



Invited Speakers for the Mini-Symposium:


  • Jiamin Hou
  • Yin Li
  • Hojun Mo
  • Mário Santos
  • Masahiro Takada
  • Yvonne Wong
  • Haojing Yan
  • Hu Zhan
  • Gongbo Zhao


Tentative Program:


Monday Afternoon:


(17+3) Hojun Mo (UMass): Reconstructing the formation history of the observed universe (slides)

(17+3) Haojing Yan (Mizzou): When did first galaxies form? (slides)

(17+3) Mário Santos (Western Cape): HI intensity mapping: results from MeerKAT and plans for the SKA (slides)

(8+2) Pablo Renard (Tsinghua): Lyα Intensity Mapping with optical broad-band imaging (slides)

(8+2) Paulo Montero-Camacho: (Pengcheng): Astrophysical challenges in the post-reionization intergalactic medium: relics from cosmic reionization (slides)

(8+2) Abdul Jawad (Islamabad): Analysis of Matter Growth Perturbations and Cosmographic Parameters in Specific Modified Gravity (slides)

(8+2) Hongmin Zhu (NAOC): Primordial fossils as a probe of parity violation



Thursday Afternoon:  (slides available in Timetable)


(17+3) Masahiro Takada (IPMU): Subaru Hyper Suprime-Cam Year 3 Cosmology Results: S8 tension?

(17+3) Jiamin Hou (MPE): Overview and Latest Progresses of the Dark Energy Spectroscopic Survey

(17+3) Hu Zhan (NAOC): An Overview of the Chinese Space Station Telescope (slides)

(8+2) Zhiwei Shao (SJTU): Is the large-scale structure traced by the BOSS LOWZ galaxies consistent with Planck? (slides)

(8+2) Ryo Terasawa  (IPMU): Evaluating baryonic effects in HSC Y3 cosmic shear data with a dark matter-only model (slides)

(8+2) Kwan Chuen Chan (SYSU): Photometric BAO measurements with DES (slides)

(8+2) Yi Zheng  (SYSU): The hybrid RSD model: 1-template and emulators (slides)




Friday Morning:


(17+3) Yvonne Wong (New South Wales): Neutrino (and other particle) physics with large-scale structure (slides)

(17+3) Gongbo Zhao (NAOC): Understanding the cosmic acceleration with massive galaxy surveys (slides)

(17+3) Yin Li (Pengcheng Lab): Forward Model the Universe in the Era of Deep Learning (slides)

(8+2) Amol Upadhye (Yunnan): Non-linear flows for the neutrino masses (slides)

(8+2) Maurice van Putten (Sejong): Alleviating H0-tension in T-dual Friedmann cosmologies (slides)

(8+2) Vesselin Gueorguiev (IAPS, Bulgaria): The Scale Invariant Vacuum Paradigm: Main Results and the Current BBNS Progress

(8+2) Zhongxu Zhai (SJTU): Galaxy clustering at small scale and measurement of structure growth (slides)










The deadlines for abstract submission and registration are the same as the general symposium and can be found at .



SJTU/TDLI Conveners:  


Ying Zu, Jiaxin Han, Yu Yu, Zhongxu Zhai