Dec 11 – 15, 2023
Tsung-Dao Lee Institute
Asia/Shanghai timezone

6. Dark Matter

Mini-symposium on Dark Matter: from WIMP to axions/ALP, from laboratory search to astrophysical constraints


Dark matter is an hypothetical form of matter that makes up a large fraction of the mass in the Universe. The existence of dark matter is inferred through its gravitational interactions with ordinary “baryonic” matter and light, and it is essential in driving gas and dust to build up into stars and galaxies.

The search for this elusive component of the cosmo is currently being tackled from the theory side through advanced modeling and statistical analyses, as well as from the experimental side where current and near-future installments will be covering large portions of the model space. Among the experimental techniques are direct detection (PandaX), indirect detection (DAMPE) and laboratory production (DarkSHINE).

This mini-symposium aims at covering the recent developments for some of the best motivated dark matter models, along with reporting on the progresses and future reaches of the experimental communities. The following topics will be covered:

1. Light dark matter (axions, dark photons, fuzzy dark matter).

2. Weakly Interacting Massive Particles.

3. Primordial Black Holes as Dark Matter.

Deadlines for abstract submission and registration are the same as for the general symposium, and can be found at the conference website: 

Confirmed invited speakers:

  • Qiang Yuan  (Purple Mountain Observatory)
  • Fengwei Yang (University of Florida)
  • Hai-Bo Yu (University of California Riverside)
  • Junwu Huang (Perimeter Institute)
  • Sten Delos (Max Planck Institute Garching)
  • Wen Yin (Tohoku University)
  • Yuichiro Tada (Nagoya University)

Tentative program:


Monday Afternoon (Session #1, Hall 9):


(17+3) Wen Yin (Tohoku): eV axion dark matter [slides]

(17+3) Junwu Huang (Perimeter): Patchy Dark Screening [slides]

(13+2) Yin-Zhe Ma (Stellenbosch): Radio Search of Dark Matter [slides]

(13+2) Yun-Long Zhang (NAOC): Pulsar timing residuals induced by wideband ultralight dark matter [slides]

(13+2) Shuailiang Ge (Peking): Primordial Black Holes, Dark Matter, and GWs from QCD axion and axion-like particles [slides]

(13+2) Andrea Addazi (Sichuan): Pseudo-goldstones as light dark matter and first order phase transitions [slides]


Tuesday Afternoon (Session #2, Hall 1):


(17+3) Qiang Yuan (Purple Mountain Observatory): Probing properties of DM via stellar kinematics around Sagittarius A* [slides]

(17+3) Haibo Yu (Riverside): Self-interacting dark matter [slides]

(17+3) Yuichiro Tada (Nagoya): The present and future of primordial black holes as dark matter [slides]

(13+2) Wei-Xiang Feng (Tsinghua): Relativistic Bondi Accretion and the BEC Dark Matter Spike [slides]

(13+2) Guan-Wen Yuan (CAS): Detecting Dark Matter with the Multi-Messenger Observations of Supermassive Black Holes [slides]

(13+2) Xinyu Li (Tsinghua): The wave nature of Fuzzy Dark Matter [slides]



Thursday Afternoon (Session #2, Hall 1):


(17+3) Fengwei Yang (University of Florida): Searching for dark photon DM with laser interferometers and quantum sensors [slides]

(17+3) M. Sten Delos (Carnegie Observatories): The smallest dark structures [slides]

(13+2) Michael Zantedeschi (TDLI): Dynamics of confinement, slingshot, and primordial black holes as dark matter [slides]

(13+2) Kenji Kadota (HIAS-UCAS): Multi-messenger probes on dark matter surrounding a black hole [slides]

(13+2) Yong Tang (CAS): Probing Ultralight Dark Matter with GW Detectors in Space [slides]

(13+2) Anna Tokareva (CAS): Ultra-high frequency gravitational waves from inflaton decay [slides]

Poster presentations:

Yao Zhang (Tsinghua): Imprints of cosmic reionization as a probe of dark matter nature in the post-reionization era

Kexin Liu (Tsinghua): Dark Matter Direct Detection with XENONnT: the Latest Result

Saiyang Zhang (UT Austin): The Impact of Stellar-mass Primordial Black Holes on Early Cosmic History

Yu Cheng (SJTU): Dark Matter Annihilation via Breit-Wigner Enhancement with Heavier Mediator

Jie Sheng (SJTU): Forbidden Dark Matter Combusted Around Supermassive Black Hole


Conveners: Luca Visinelli, Shao-Feng Ge, Jiang-Lai Liu