Dec 11 – 15, 2023
Tsung-Dao Lee Institute
Asia/Shanghai timezone

Understanding the cosmic acceleration with massive galaxy surveys

Dec 15, 2023, 9:00 AM
Hall # 9

Hall # 9

Invited/Solicited talk in mini-symposium Cosmology with large-scale structure


Prof. Gongbo Zhao (NAOC)


The cosmic acceleration, first probed by observations of SNIa in 1998, is one of the most significant discoveries in modern sciences. In the past 25 years, extensive studies have been performed to unveil the physical origin of this surprising phenomenon, including studies on dark energy and modified gravity. In this talk, I will report the latest progress in this field, and focus on cosmological implications of large galaxy surveys including eBOSS, DESI and PFS.

Primary author

Prof. Gongbo Zhao (NAOC)

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