Dec 11 – 15, 2023
Tsung-Dao Lee Institute
Asia/Shanghai timezone

Travel Tips

Here we collect some travel tips in Shanghai.


Converter and Adapter:

China operates on 220V and 50Hz electricity. Ensure you have the appropriate power plug adapter and/or voltage transformer for your devices.


Currency Exchange:

We recommend exchanging 1000-2000 RMB cash per person before your international trip or at the airports. You can get cash from ATMs in Shanghai by debit cards or credit cards. But the number of ATMs has decreased recently. It may be hard to find it. You can exchange and withdraw RMB cash at some international banks in Shanghai, particularly at the branches of the Bank of China.


Cashless payment, Alipay (支付宝)

File:Alipay logo (2020).svg

While cash should be accepted, in China, cashless electronic payments based on Alipay or WeChat pay are widely used. Almost all locals use these two types of payments. These enable access to convenient services in China, including ride-hailing, bicycle-sharing, and food delivery. Thus, for your convenient stay in Shanghai, we recommend install the Alipay app and setting it up in advance before coming to China.

Alipay setup:

Video instruction:

Detail instruction:

Note that for usage of Alipay, you need a data connection. Thus, please prepare the data roaming method (see next topic).


Prepaid SIM card:

For using data roaming on the cell phone, we recommend buying a prepaid SIM card (eSIM) working in China in advance or at the airports. In Shanghai, you can not buy prepaid SIM cards in the convenience store. Alternatively, you may prepare a mobile WIFI router.



Public transportation in Shanghai is well-developed. You can go to any place by using the metro or bus. 


Metro Map:

For Metro, you can buy a single journey ticket from a ticket machine. 

You can use Alipay (Transportation) for public transportation in Shanghai without buying a ticket. For convenient of usage of public transportation in Shanghai, you can buy a Shanghai Public Transportation Card (上海公共交通卡) which includes a 20 RMB deposit.


Way to Reach Symposium Venue:

The symposium venue is the Shanghai Everbright International Hotel (上海光大国际大酒店). The nearest Metro station to the symposium venue is Caobao Rd. (漕宝路) station on lines 1 and 12

From Shanghai Pudong International Airport

  1. Metro 
    Line 2 + Line 1 [change at People's square (人民广场) station]:, duration: ~1hr30min, cost: 7 RMB 
  2. Maglev+Metro 
    Maglev + Line 2 + Line 1 [change at Longyang Rd. (龙阳路) station and People's square (人民广场) station], duration: ~1hr, cost: 54 RMB 
  3. Cab 
    duration: ~1hr, cost: ~200RMB  (NOTE: You might be approached by taxi scammer offering a taxi; ignore them. AT THE AIRPORT EXIT, PLEASE FOLLOW THE SIGN TO THE OFFICIAL TAXI STAND.)

From Hongqiao International Airport

  1. Metro 
    Line 10 + Line 1 [change at Shanxi South Rd. (陕西南路) station], duration ~ 45 min, cost: 4 RMB 
  2. Cab 
    duration ~ 45 min, cost: 70 RMB


Taxi at the airport:

Please note that taxi scams can happen at Shanghai airport. You may encounter a guy or girl come directly to you offering a taxi. They often charge way more. It is a scam; ignore them. At the airport exit, please follow the sign to the official taxi stand and taxi queues. Or you use a taxi app (such as Didi, 滴滴) at the airport. Booking a taxi in advance is also a safe way. 


Destination slip:

Please use the following files to show to a taxi driver. 





Map app in China

Most popular map Apps may NOT work in China (e.g., Google Map), or at least the navigation features do not work. Instead of them, you can install Amap (高德地图) or Baidu Maps (百度地图). Apple Map provides service in China, but for Android users, we highly recommend you plan your transportation in advance.